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Each year, the Undergraduate Scholarship Office awards over five million dollars of scholarships to over 2500 first-year students from West Virginia and around the country. West Virginia high school students may also be eligible for the PROMISE Scholarship, which is awarded by the State of West Virginia. Around 1300 students in the current freshman class are PROMISE Scholars. An additional 2500+ PROMISE scholars are returning for their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

The criteria for scholarship awards are based on your high school GPA from your transcript at the time of application, and the test scores from the ACT or SAT. Effective with the incoming freshman class 2015, WVU uses “Super Scores” for scholarship awarding, so be sure to submit all scores from each section of the ACT or SAT if you take the test more than once. We will calculate your “Super Score” using the highest component/subscore from all test information available to us.

Scholarship awards, combined with financial aid grants, loans, or work study opportunities can offer the student an opportunity to further their study at West Virginia University.

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Requirements for Priority Scholarship Consideration

  1. Complete Undergraduate Admissions Application
  2. High School Transcript
  3. ACT / SAT Scores

If funding is available, students applying after the priority deadline date may receive scholarship consideration. Some scholarships may have earlier dates, so please review all deadlines for the various scholarships carefully.

The WVU Undergraduate Scholarship Office offers over $ 5 million of scholarships to over 2500 first-year students from West Virginia and around the country.