The PROMISE Scholarship is sponsored by the state of West Virginia for West Virginia resident students, and currently pays $4,750 per year for four undergraduate years to any public college or university in West Virginia, or an equivalent amount to an in-state private college.

Please review the PROMISE Scholarship website for an in-depth review of this opportunity. Current scholarship criteria are available on the PROMISE Scholarship website. Additional details can be found on our PROMISE FAQ.

To be considered for PROMISE, you are required to complete the PROMISE application by March 1. You also must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before March 1, even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for need-based financial assistance.

Why Should You Use PROMISE to Attend WVU?

Simply put, no other college or university in the state can offer you everything that we can. The PROMISE Scholarship is a reward for your hard work and academic achievement – using your scholarship at WVU means that you continue to reward yourself by getting the most for your money. In fact, close to 40 percent of all PROMISE Scholarship recipients choose to attend WVU. Additionally, WVU’s renewal rate for the scholarship from the freshmen to sophomore level is approximately 84 percent, while the upperclass level renewal rate is 90 percent. Both of these are above the statewide renewal rates overall for PROMISE Scholarships.

What WVU offers is the ability to make your dreams come true, through a vast array of choices. We offer 185 different areas of study at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional degree levels. You can study traditional fields like journalism, engineering, and business or participate in one-of-a-kind majors like biometric systems and forensic identification. Our faculty members are known internationally for their groundbreaking research (earning $150 million in annual grants last year), yet they always have time to answer your questions.

Our tradition of academic excellence has produced 25 Rhodes Scholars so far – you could be the next! Because of the value of our degrees and highly successful alumni, our job placement rate is 100% in many majors.

We know that true education is about more than what goes on in the classroom, so our student-centered focus helps you learn more about yourself and others. WVU’s Operation Jump-Start guides students through the first year and includes faculty members who live next to the residence halls to mentor you. WVUp All Night provides free food and fun activities every weekend. Our modern Student Recreation Center has 177,000 square feet of weight/fitness equipment; two pools, an elevated jogging track, basketball, volleyball, racquetball courts, a whirlpool that seats 20, and a 50-foot indoor climbing wall. Other great facilities include the Downtown Library Complex and the Life Sciences Building. WVU combines benefits such as over 300 different student organizations to join and a diverse student body with a safe campus located in a town ranked as the ”#1 Small City in America.” In West Virginia, WVU is the only school that offers all of these opportunities, and you would be hard-pressed to find this many opportunities anywhere.

West Virginia University’s Promise to You

In addition to the PROMISE Scholarship, you may be eligible for other scholarships through the WVU Scholars Program. We are partnering with the state to make sure that you have ample resources to pursue your degree at WVU. We are committed to helping you reach your educational goals without burdening you with excessive student loan debt: you are allowed to receive your WVU Scholars Program Scholarship in addition to PROMISE (some exceptions may exist).

Here’s how it works – your total bill for tuition, fees, and housing (if applicable) is calculated. Then, we deduct the amount of your PROMISE Scholarship and any other WVU awards from the amount you owe. If your scholarships and other funds exceed the amount of your bill, you will receive a refund check that can be used for other expenses, such as textbooks, meals, laundry, etc. For more information, visit the WVU Undergraduate Scholarship Office website.

University Honors College

If you are curious about the world and are excited by challenges, the University Honors College is where you belong. Our Honors students are just like you: they need to know more, stay active, and take academic risks. In the University Honors College you discover new ideas and surpass your goals. Freshmen are considered for admission based on ACT or SAT scores, high school GPA, and completion of an essay. For more information, visit or phone 304-293-2100 (e-mail