How do I apply for WVU scholarships?

-For the scholarships listed at the web site, no separate application is required. All admitted freshmen students are automatically reviewed for merit scholarships, and students meeting the listed requirements are automatically notified of their award information.

What scholarships are available?

-New freshmen students may visit , incoming transfer students may link to and freshmen international students may link to Students may also research scholarship opportunities within their School/College by visiting

What are the deadlines?

-Deadlines may vary, so be sure to notice them as you visit the websites listed above.

PROMISE Scholarship

-For detailed information on the PROMISE Scholarship, please visit our FAQ page at

I’m a WV resident and have been admitted to WVU. Do I need to apply separately for the PROMISE Scholarship?

-Yes, the State has a separate application for the PROMISE Scholarship. The application opens up October 1, and the deadline is March 1. Students are also required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1. For more information, please visit

Are WVU scholarships stackable with the PROMISE?

-In most cases, the PROMISE Scholarship may be stacked with WVU Scholarships.

Are WVU scholarships stackable with other awards?

-Students receiving a merit scholarship from the Undergraduate Scholarship Office may only receive the one with the highest dollar value. However, students receiving School, College, or departmental scholarships are usually able to stack those with scholarships from the Undergraduate Scholarship Office.

When will I know if I received a scholarship?

-For new, entering freshmen students, notification usually comes around two weeks after receiving the letter of acceptance from the Office of Admissions.

When and what steps do I take to accept the award(s)?

-Information on accepting the scholarship award is sent to students’ WVU MIX Email addresses once a scholarship offer has been generated.

Does accepting a scholarship bind me to WVU?

-No, accepting a scholarship does not commit you to attend WVU.

Are there other scholarships available outside of WVU?

-Hundreds of websites are available for you to search for additional scholarship opportunities. However, we do not recommend you pay for search services to look for scholarships for you unless you are provided a written guarantee of a minimal amount of scholarship awards.

Are they renewable? How do I keep my award year-to-year?

-The scholarships offered by the Undergraduate Scholarship Office are renewable if certain requirements are met. This information is contained in the scholarship award letter sent to you, and may also be viewed at

How does the Academic Common Market and the Ohio Reciprocity Agreement affect my scholarship?

-Non-Resident students who are awarded the Scholarship of Distinction Level 1 Scholarship, and who are granted participation in the ACM or Ohio Reciprocity will have the Scholarship of Distinction Level 1 Scholarship removed from their account. It will be replaced with the Distinguished Achievement Scholarship, valued at $3,000 per year. The same scenario would also apply to any other non-resident students being charged in-state tuition & fee rates. Non-Resident students who are awarded the Scholarship of Distinction Level 2 or Level 3 and who are granted participation in the Academic Common Market or Ohio Reciprocity programs, or who are paying in-state tuition rates for any other reason will have the Scholarship of Distinction Level 2 or 3 removed from their financial aid package. It will not be replaced with any other scholarship.

What is the difference between merit scholarships and other forms of financial aid?

-Please visit the Financial Aid Office website to review the various aid programs available to students.

I’ve been awarded a merit scholarship, do I still need to file the FAFSA?

-The merit scholarships from the Undergraduate Scholarship Office do not require a FAFSA for renewal. However, please keep in mind that to be considered for any type of financial aid, a FAFSA is required. Some Schools/Colleges also require students to file the FAFSA for scholarship renewal, so please check with those units for additional information.

I have new test scores or a new GPA, will I qualify for an award? Will I be considered for the next level?

-Students who have a new GPA or ACT/SAT score may submit that information to the Office of Admissions by the listed deadline date on our website. Students who move up scholarship levels will have a new letter automatically generated and sent to them.

I’m taking dual-enrollment courses or I’m an ACCESS student. How does the college GPA affect my scholarship received from WVU?

-College grades and hours earned while in high school are counted as part of the total needed for scholarship renewal requirements by the Undergraduate Scholarship Office. Please note that if you are receiving the PROMISE Scholarship from the State of West Virginia, any college grades or credits earned prior to starting use of the PROMISE Scholarship MUST BE REMOVED when calculating your PROMISE GPA.